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Frequently Asked Questions

01. How much does it cost?
Our pricing is based on the square footage of your facility. We offer one-time disinfection services as well as daily, weekly, monthly, or custom services at a discounted subscription rate. Get your instant quote now online to see your savings.
02. Is it safe for people and pests?
Envirocleanse-A is non-toxic, certified organic, and completely safe for use around humans and pets, in all environments. The product may cause irritation if directly sprayed into the eyes.
03. How long does disinfection take?
On average, a service takes between 3-4 hours. Job duration, pricing, and the number of District Disinfectant technicians required are based on the square footage of your facility. Our equipment and application are FDA-approved to kill COVID-19 and ensure a thorough disinfection process to keep you, your staff, and your guests safe.
04. What is your cleaning process?
We follow GBAC Forensic cleaning processes
05. How long does it take to kill COVID-19?
Most bacteria and viruses require 2-10 minutes of “dwell time” for disinfectants to work. Our application methods include the highest level of recommended dwell time, and Envirocleanse-A, our preferred cleaning agent, is EPA approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel Coronavirus.
06. Recommended use of facility after cleaning
Because we use only non-toxic, organic cleaning agents, there’s no significant downtime post-cleaning. We recommend waiting 15-20 minutes to allow surfaces to dry before resuming regular operations.

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